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My Personal Journey With COVID 19

Although we’re all eager to acquiesce back to a pre-pandemic lifestyle, this virus still seems much less understood by our medical community, less predictable, and more pernicious than something like the flu; just saying. I’m writing this entry as a gentle reminder to continue respecting the potential implications of catching or spreading Covid 19. I… Read More My Personal Journey With COVID 19

California Coyote

I encountered the coyote pictured here crossing my path on a foggy January day just as the sun was setting; just me and the coyote. If you’ve ever encountered a coyote in the wild, you’ll notice that they don’t tend to run off as most other wild animals do. They just stand their ground and… Read More California Coyote

Making a Difference and Braided Rope

What do braided rope and making a difference in the world have in common? Read this great article by Angus Hervey, featured in Future Crunch to find out. Although some of the references used in the story may fade over time, conceptually the analogy will remain accurate. Really liked this one.