Airstream Bedding, Not Normal?

If you’re a new owner or considering purchasing an Airstream trailer, one of the small challenges you’ll encounter is how to find bedding, specifically fitted sheets, sheets, and maybe a replacement mattress that fits your trailer’s bed. Sounds easy right? Not exactly. To optimize the use of space, many of Airstream’s models feature beds that are not standard size or shape. In the case of the corner bed rigs, you’ll need bedding that fits a bed which is not only a non-standard in size but includes rounded corners. Well, don’t stress too much, there’s a whole cottage industry out there making cool items for these trailers, including bedding. Here are several companies which make great bedding products for Airstreams:

  • Bedding Sets – AB Lifestyles – We’ve used them and they’re super easy to order from. Products arrive quick and, in our case, the sheets we’ve ordered fit like a glove and are of very high quality!
  • Mattresses & Pads – Mattress Insider
  • Airstream Accessories (Including Bedding) – Airstream Supply Company

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