Huddart Park Without a Parking Fee

Huddart Park in Woodside, California is a hidden gem to hike or run through, with it’s redwoods, ferns, meandering creeks, and rolling hills creating a refreshing get away from whatever ails you. Unfortunately for locals, access points to the park are extremely limited and parking a car near it is almost impossible without paying a $6 entry fee to the park ( I am here to tell you there’s another little known way into the park that doesn’t require a parking fee and provides access to the center of the network of trails here!

Traveling on 280 take either the Woodside Rd Exit or Edgewood Rd Exit, then turn on to Cañada Rd towards Cañada College. Just past the 280 underpass you’ll turn on to Runnymede Rd. If you’re using your smartphone to navigate, just enter “Runnymede Rd, Woodside CA” and that will get you there. Drive all the way down Runnymede Rd until you see a large security gate and you’re forced to turn left on Raymundo Rd. You’ll want to park on Runnymede Rd, as there are posted “No Parking” signs all along Raymundo. Once parked, you’ll walk through the open portion of the security gate and look for the “Crystal Springs Trail” (shown as a green line in the map below).

Once you’ve found the “Crystal Springs Trail”, make sure that you’re walking uphill to to the west and not along the highway. The portion of the trail you want to be on is a fire/access road and leads up the hill towards Huddart Park. I believe that this trail is technically on San Francisco Watershed land, but egress to the trail is provided to the public. You’ll stay on this trail for about a mile until you eventually intersect Raymundo Rd. Take a right on Raymundo (you’ll be walking on the road) and in about a 1/4 of a mile you’ll reach a turn-around spot in the road and trail head marker (see below). Note, this would be a perfect spot to park your car, but it seems the local community has successfully banned public parking on any part of this road 🙂

At this point you are there! Keep an eye out for the trail head shown in this photo. After passing through the gate here, you’ll meander down a switchback path. You’re not officially in the park yet, however the path is on public land and leads you down towards the park. It’s important to note that the park does not allow dogs, bikes or motorized vehicles on the trails, or in the park for that matter. That said, if you happen to own a horse you’re fine! And oh yah, your horse is free to defecate anywhere it wants, but you’ll need to use the assigned public bathrooms in the park to do your business. Well, happy trails, hope you find this post useful. If you’re looking for a good trail map, check out AllTrails Please enjoy and respect Huddart park and the adjacent Phleger Estate Recreation Area. These are two beautiful areas that we are blessed to have access to as bay area residents.

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